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T h e   V a n i s h i n g   T e m p e r a t u r e 


In the summer of 2020, I met Jo on Instagram.

Jo has Chinese looks but doesn't understand a word of Chinese. He is gentle and polite man lives in Houston. Jo loves photography, he works hard and lives a simple life. We stayed in a long distance relationship for eight months until February 2021, we ended this relationship peacefully and resolved to face the more real life in each other's worlds.


The Vanishing Temperature is the culmination of my personal experience struggling with a long-distance relationship with him during the 2020 epidemic, which I never met . A psychological distance mirrored our physical distance. The emotions, as our sentiments towards one another waned, began to spur a physical sensation of an extreme change in temperature. The Vanishing Temperature intends to capture the internalized experience of this change as our emotions began to dissipate. 

11,110 kilometres physically separated the two of us. Houston, Texas to Shenyang was only traversable through Facetime, Imessage, and other forms of communication that depended on technology. I could not feel him, his heat. Recollecting on the experience I recognized how the Chinese language uses words associated with temperature to convey love and emotions. In order to deconstruct my experience, and my feelings, I reimagined how to engage temperature as an artistic medium and bring my intangible thoughts into a visual form.


I dove into research concerning the Law of the Conservation of Energy. This principle states that within the natural world energy neither is created or destroyed, it can only mutate from one form into another. With this notion in mind, I created a heating and cooling system capable of reaching a high og 50 degrees and low of -15 degrees Celsius. The system then heats or cools the ends of a steel pipe that have been bonded with heat-conductive silicone and adhesive to optimize the thermal conductivity pattern. 

DSC_2558 2_edited_edited.jpg


Installation Steel tubes ,Wooden boxes,Hand-made cooling and heating units 

392cm*66cm ,2021

Shenyang China

"Jo, 我有些怀念那个被家乡的河水与月光保护的我。我感到很开心,我就要回到家乡了。我渐渐感觉每当我不知道自己的位置时,我摸一摸河滩的沙,尝尝辽河地下的水,抓住散落在我额头的月光,什么都可以离我远去,但那些母亲般的身后之物永远不会消失。"


"Jo,  I miss the river and the moonlight of my hometown, and I feel happy that I am going back to my hometown. I gradually feel that whenever I don't know where I am, I feel the sand of the river bank, taste the water under the Liao River, catch the moonlight scattered on my forehead, and anything can leave me, but those things behind my mother will never disappear.

I became aware that to be an eternally protected woman is to remain calm, self-love and firm in our own lives. That is the most primal and beautiful power a woman can hold. I believe it is an ability that will not be broken."

​Taken from one of their messages



 For my Jo · Edroso

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